lavender and massage oils
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Can I claim through my Private Health Cover?

While I am a fully qualified practitioner, I am not affiliated with any private health providers. However I do provide exceptional treatments that are value for money as they are not inflated to absorb the costs of private health cover affiliations. 

Are you fully insured?

Yes, I am full insurance through ANTA and have held that insurance for over 6 years now.

How long have your been a massage therapist?

I have been qualified since 1999 and have be working as a full time therapist this time since 2015.  However I have previously worked both privately as well in Therapeutic Spa’s on the Sunshine Coast. 

What therapies do you offer?

I offer a wide range of therapeutic and manual therapies, you can read more about these on the services page

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

You are more than welcome to cancel your appointment, however there are certain cut off times that are applied with the booking system, because of this if you are not able to cancel your appointment online, this will be because you have tried to cancel to close to your allocated appointment time.  If this is the case please give me a call on 0435775531 to discuss the situation.

I rarely impose a cancellation fee for appointments that are cancelled prior to the appointment, as I realise that sometimes life gets in the way of our plans.  

I will however either charge for a NO Show should you not make an attempt to contact me because you are unable to attend you appointment and make no effort to contact me prior to the appointment.  

What is a NO Show?

A NO Show is where you fail to turn up for your appointment as scheduled, I take great care in ensuring that you have been notified by both Text and Email prior to your appointment several times.  While it may not seem like a big issue for you, in actual fact I often have people on a waiting list to secure an appointment, and if you fail to turn up or be at home when I schedule a mobile therapy appointment, then there is a fair chance that someone else may have missed out on an appointment because of your failure to notify me, not to mention the loss of income that your appointment would have provided.

Are you Covid19 safe?

Yes I am Covid19 safe and follow strict government policies in relationship to both hygiene and contact tracing.  

I have completed a Covid19 training course that ensures I am fully compliant with all aspects of Covid19 hygiene and client management.

I also request that all of my clients complete a QR contact tracing log prior to all sessions so that should one of my clients register as positive to Covid19 then we are able to contact trace all parties that may have been effected by the infection.

If should be noted that I take the health and safety of my clients including yourself with the greatest level of concern, as many of my clients are vulnerable or immunocompromised and would be placed at high risk should I or any of my contacts present as positive to Covid19.

As such should you have any symptoms of Covid19 than you must notify me, and your appointment will be postponed until such time as you have tested negative, been cleared of any contagion and completed the mandatory quarantine period as recommended by the necessary authorities.